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Affordable and High-Quality Spring Pins

At H.G. Schneider Company, we manufacture high-quality UNIKIX™ Spring Pins. Our products' one-piece design promise ease of use, and are perfect for use as ejectors, lifters, shedders, and kickers. Our pins and springs can be cut to length as needed.

For maximum life, pre-load on the spring should not exceed 1/8" and pin travel should be limited to 1/16"

Typical Applications Diagram Multiple Applications Diagram

Cutoff Die Diagram

Cutoff Die

A UNIKIX® Spring Pin can eject a sheet-metal part after cut-off. In operation, this example shows the right spring pin pushing the sheet metal away from the bottom of the stripper. This can prevent the sheet metal from being held against the stripper by stamping-fluid surface tension.

Notch Punches Diagram

Notch Punches

UNIKIX® Spring Pins can prevent slug pulling. In operation, this example shows the spring pins pushing the slugs away from the ends of the punches. This can prevent the slugs from being pulled upward out of the matrix when the die opens. The spring pins eject the slugs by overcoming the stamping-fluid surface tension which can cause the slugs to adhere to the ends of the punches.

Switch Delay Diagram

Switch Delay

A UNIKIX® Spring Pin can delay the actuation of an electrical switch. In operation, this example shows the spring pin releasing the switch after the mold has been opened. The rod remains in contact with the switch and applies pressure to it when the mold is partially or completely closed. The switch can be part of an automated system (not shown) which waits for the mold to completely open before attempting to remove the part from the mold.

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