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For over 50 years, H.G. Schneider Company has been providing its customers with the best quality ejector pin that money can buy. We know that companies are focused on cost-effectiveness, so we engineered a product that provides better bang for your buck. Our product is a die-builder's best friend. It is a simplified slug ejector pin that is the best in its class, and its one-piece design makes it easy for you to save time and money. Our goal at H.G. Schneider Company is to lead the industry in providing a product that helps customers find solutions to improve their operations. Our UNIKIX® Spring Pins are of high quality, demonstrating why H.G. Schneider Company is a trusted name in the industry.

UNIKIX® is a registered trademark of H.G. Schneider Co. and may not be used or resold without permission. Violators will be prosecuted. Copyright 2022 H.G Schneider Co. All rights reserved.

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